UV sterilizer box

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UV sterilizer box needs 6 minutes only to kill bacteria and protect you and your family from bacterial infection!

Simply place your personal belongings into the box, close the cover and the magnetically sealed box will automatically start the disinfection process (red indicator light starts to blink), killing germs and bacteria

APPLICABLE OBJECTS  Cell phones (no bigger than 6 inches)  Small accessories (such as underwear, socks, watches, rings, toothbrushes, jewellery, etc.)  Note: every small gadget or object can be sterilized in the UV sterilizer box, except liquid




  • Customized: Standard
  • Sizes: 200 x 118 x 45 mm for max inner space of 170 x 90 x 22 mm
  • Material: PVC, USB cable
  • Printing: Screen printing
  • Packaging: Gift box
  • Min. quantity upon request
  • All sizes information is for reference only
  • Accessories not included
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