Horse weight tape

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Custom horse weight measuring tape is a thick, durable, vinyl coated fiberglass tape that accurately estimates the weight of horse in kilograms-We can customize horse weight measuring tape with your logo or company name, website, etc-Two sides measurement for horse weight measuring tape-Pony tape : for 148 cm and under, measuring pony weight on one side-Horse tape: for over 148 cm, measuring horse weight on back side

How to use: 
Hold onto this end, and gently place the tape over the horse’s back just behind the withers  Reach under the horse behind the front legs and pull the tape snug around the horse’s heart girth  Make sure the tape is not twisted, and the horse is not holding their breath  Read the two weights shown in the boxed areas on both sides of the tape  The horse’s actual weight lies between these two weights and can now be estimated accurately  Weighing formula weight (kg) = GIRTH² (cm) x LENGTH (cm) /11.877


  • Customized: Custmized
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  • Material: PVC fiberglass strap
  • Printing: Screen printing
  • Packaging: Tin box, plastic box, polybag, pouch
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